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Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Desserts for Kids

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. It’s time for me to finally make my last post on some treats that you can create for a Peppa Pig themed party. If you haven’t seen my other Peppa Pig themed treats then have a look at my Peppa Pig Picnic Birthday cake and Peppa Pig Vanilla cookie pops. For those who aren’t familiar with Peppa Pig, she always puts on her yellow boots when playing outside in the mud. So I’ll be summarising the process of how I created these Muddy Puddles. It’s extremely easy, all I did was remove the cream filling of some Oreo cookies and bashed them up with a rolling pin. I made sure that the crumbs weren’t too fine, to give it a ‘dirt’ appearance and spooned them at the bottom of the plastic cups. I continued to pipe some chocolate crème pâtissière (I used this recipe which can be found hereon top of the crumbs, spooned more Oreo crumbs on top and placed a pair of yellow boots, which were made out of fondant. I used the white fondant from Satin Ice and used yellow gel colouring.


Thanks for reading! Hope you all weren’t sick of all the Peppa Pig posts. I swear this was the last one! Leave a comment below if you have any questions and follow/like my blog!


Bud Vase Flower Arrangements

I’d never thought i’d be one of those people that were really into flowers, but I SO AM! I never really cared for them until I started planning my 21st birthday party. After seeing a bud vase arrangement from LeafTV and flicking through pinterest I had my heart set on doing it. Post-party planning i’m now hooked on peonies, they’re so beautiful.

The flowers in the late afternoon

I didn’t want it to be look too formal or clean, so I thought that adding some craspedia (aka billy buttons) and baby’s breath, it would make the setting appear more laid back. I especially like how the craspedia is dry, so it adds a rustic feel to it.

How to achieve this look:

  • I gathered about 20 glass bottles/vases (this is vary with the length of your table). I used some glass old vinegar bottles and peeled all of the stickers off by soaking them in warm soapy water, some cheap glass dispenser bottles from IKEA and some old spice bottles. I also bought 3 IKEA bud vases. It’s worth looking at discount/dollar stores as they may have inexpensive, cute glass milk bottles. I like how the bottles vary in shape, size and height, makes the whole arrangement look effortless.
  • 6-7 bunches of flowers (preferably on the day of the event as you want them as fresh as possible). If you’re on a budget, try to buy flowers that are in season. I familiarised myself by doing some research and calling flower suppliers. If you have time, I would also suggest going to a flower market a week before the event to get a feel of what’s available. Before visiting the flower markets, I roughly had a list of what flowers and colours I wanted. I mostly bought flowers that were in season, e.g. Dahlias which were about $4-5 a bunch. However, I also purchased a bunch of peonies that were $25 because they weren’t in season but was already prepared to fork it out for it.
  • Start organising! I tried to make sure that each colour was evenly distributed.
  • Scatter tea lights  (if it’s at night) around the table.

If I had gaps i’d start filling them with baby’s breath.







The arrangement for the round table
Leftover baby’s breath, placed on the dessert table


At night with tea lights