Classic Rock Salt and Sesame Pretzels

Hi all!

Over the last couple of months I have been so hooked on The Great British Bake Off, watching episodes back to back. It’s so good! Paul Hollywood’s breads always turn out so perfect. My brother who is also an addict of the series requested that I make these instead of a birthday cake and so I delivered! This was my first attempt at playing with bread dough and I’ve got to say, it was really fun!


I tried the classic rock salt version, which appeared in Season 4, episode 4. As I am more of a visual learner, watching that episode was a huge aid in the success of my pretzels! However, I will link the recipe here as it is informative too.

IMG_7454I was happy with how they turned out, they were crisp on the outside and had a chew to it.

IMG_7437Have you made pretzels before? If so, what flavours have you attempted? Hope you enjoy the photos. If you have any questions please leave them below. Don’t forget to like and follow if you haven’t already! You can also find me on instagram, @aliciaspunsugar for more pictures and exclusive bakes/treats.


5 thoughts on “Classic Rock Salt and Sesame Pretzels”

      1. I got round to making these today! I combined this recipe with a traditional German recipe I had, they turned out really nice, I did a combination of just salt and also cinnamon sugar! The only thing I found was they were quite hard! Did you have this problem? There is a picture on my Instagram account if you are interested 🙂

  1. I proved my dough until double in size and I don’t think I over baked them, the only think I can think of was maybe I got the quantities for the glaze wrong! I have just written a post about my pretzels and put a link in to your blog, I hope that is ok!

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