Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolat

Hi everyone!

Last week I attempted to make Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolat, a beautiful pastry that was featured in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel (awesome film by the way!). I took a screenshot of it and searched on good ol’ google for a recipe. Thankfully Fox uploaded the recipe as a video on Youtube. It isn’t complicated to follow; it’s basically just choux pastry and chocolate crème/custard. You can find the original link here. I have also added some tips below.


 Some tips:

  • Your batter should be of a ribbon consistency. After adding all of the eggs, test your batter by lifting some of it with your spatula. The batter should fall off in ribbons, be smooth and shiny. I found that I needed to add an extra egg because my batter was too stiff.
  • If you find that you have some pointy tips after piping out your pastry balls, wet your finger with some water and dab them down.
  • When making your 3 different colour glazes, aim for a thicker consistency (don’t be tempted to add too much milk, otherwise the glaze will slip right off your pastry balls).
  • Don’t have cocoa beans? Just substitute with an almond to top off your beautiful pastry tower!

Puffing up nicely! Some are getting a little out of control
Baking in the oven
Fresh out of the oven!
Filled with delicious chocolate creme
My babies all standing proud

IMG_5068 IMG_5076

If you have any questions, leave me a comment below. I’d love to know how you found the recipe! If you enjoyed this post, please don’t forget to like and follow 🙂 

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