Sydney Flower Markets

Hi guys,

It has really been a while since I last made a post! I’ve been busy with uni work and organising my 21st birthday party, which I already celebrated last saturday! It was awesome and a very special night. Anyways, my actual birthday isn’t for another 2 weeks though! I celebrated it early since a lot of my other friends had already planned their own birthdays closer to my actual birthday. I’ll be making a series of posts on how I decorated it, what flowers I used and tasty treats I made etc.

Now on with the post about the flower markets! Two weeks ago I visited to check out, to see roughly what I was available for my party. I woke up at like 7am, arrived there at 8.30am and boy… there wasn’t much left. There was plenty of inexpensive roses though, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’re all good.

It open from 5am-11am on a saturday (free entry on Saturday!) so I thought that by arriving there at 8.30am there would still be a large selection of flowers, but no, a lot of stalls had cleaned off by then. I did see some of the flowers I had in mind for my floral arrangement though but I felt really restricted.

On the day of the event, I decided to go even earlier and reached there at about 6.30am. I literally had to drag myself out of bed and chug down some coffee to wake myself up, but it was totally worth it. There were a greater selection of flowers available and relatively inexpensive too!

I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re thinking of arranging your own flowers for an event, it’s a lot more cheaper than buying through a florist. I got inspiration as to how I wanted to decorate my tables via pinterest, a great source of getting an idea of what colours scheme you’re going for, familiarising yourself with certain types of flowers you tend to gravitate towards and how to arrange them.

I’d also recommend bringing a bucket with a some water if you planning on buying a few bunches. I’ll post some photos below and how much I paid for each bunch. Obviously prices and types of flowers will vary according to season but it will give you a rough idea as to what to expect when you make a visit.

IMG_2682Pink dahlias (flowers on the left) seem to be in season now, they were $5 a bunch. Some stalls were selling them 3 for $10 but didn’t have that particular colour

The white dahlias (photo below, right most) were $4

Peonies, pink and white dahlias and baby’s breath

The peonies were $25 for about 10 stems. Pretty expensive as they are currently not in season. I couldn’t resist though, they’re so beautiful!


IMG_2687I’m not sure what these pinky-purple flowers are, please let me know if you do! I bought this bunch for $6

The baby’s breath (right most flower) were $7, some stalls had different sizes of bunches, ranging from $3-10

Craspedia (billy balls) and baby’s breath

The yellow, craspedia (aka billy balls/buttons) came as a dry bunch at $10 for about 25 stems.

The photos below are a sneak peek into how I arranged them for the party. I’ll be making a post very soon on it.

Dahlias and craspedia

Leave me a comment if you have any questions! I’d be more than happy to answer you.


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