Cut Out Nail Art

Hi guys,

I remember a while back, I had saved a whole tonne of nail art pictures, ranging from blogs, Facebook posts to YouTube videos. If something gets my attention, I’ll save it though it may get forgotten. However in this case, I had remembered that The Illustrated Nail had created a look for Dior, which was so chic, neat and seemed easy to recreate. Since I bought a few new nail polishes, I thought it was fitting to showcase them in this look.



From Left to Right: Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat, Essie ‘Eternal optimist’, Essie ‘Brownie points’, Rimmel Salon Pro ‘Chic Chick’, Cutex Moisture Guard Nail polish remover and some sticky page markers (if you don’t have this, you could use regular sticky tape, although magic tape would be better).

  • You’re also going to need a smaller brush with a squared off tip. I have inserted a picture in one of the last steps.
  • If you don’t have the exact same nail polishes, you can always find similar shades or even experiment with other colours.

Directions below:

IMG_1907Paint 2 coats of Eternal optimist (rosy pink colour) on all of your nails, except for the one on your ring finger.

IMG_1916Paint 2-3 coats your accent nail (nail on your ring finger) with Chic Chick (sheer pinky nude colour). I gave my nail 3 coats because my nail polish was so sheer.

IMG_1920This is just to show you its true colours in natural daylight.

IMG_1926Stick the page marker or tape on 2/3 of your accent nail, ensure that it is completely secured onto your nail. Note: Make sure that the nail is completely dry before sticking the tab on. I made the mistake of placing the tab on when it was almost dry but wasn’t completely set, which ended resulting in some off the nail polish peeling onto the tab after lifting it off. I had to that nail all over again!

IMG_1927Paint the uncovered area. Remove tab while nail polish is still wet

IMG_1930Don’t worry if you get some nail polish on your skin, you can always clean that up at the end with some nail polish remover. Allow nail to dry for 4-5 minutes.

IMG_1945Place some tape on a 45° angle, using Brownie Points (or a deep brown/mauve pink colour) paint a straight line up towards the tape, 2mm away from your initial line. Once you have made this line, continue to fill in to the tape and other side of the nail.  I used a small brush (shown below), one with a more squared off tip to help make this neater and easier.

Allow nails to dry completely for 4 minutes and apply a top coat.



For those of you who are wondering, my watch is Marc by Marc Jacobs and my bag is from Topshop.

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