Lunch at Ippudo

My friend and I caught up as she had recently come back from her scholarship in Japan. I’m always really indecisive as to where we should eat, so I made her decide. Ironically, instead of craving food from home, she was already missing Japanese food and couldn’t get enough of it. I wasn’t complaining about her choice since I had yet to try the ramen at Ippudo, which can be found on level 5 in Sydney Westfield.  It was both our first time eating there, though she had been to the one in Japan. It was quite a cool day, so it was fitting that went there for some ramen. I love noodles, I could practically live off it without any complains.

We were sat down almost immediately and they were really speedy with their service, I received my food within the next few minutes of ordering. We both ordered the same thing, Akamaru Shinaji and shared some gyozas. The broth was so fragrant and tasty, with thin slices of pork belly, mushrooms and shallots. We ended our lunch with some matcha ice cream. Although the matcha green tea was very subtle, it was still really yummy and creamy.

After hanging out in the city, we headed back home and she gave me a bag full of goodies! She was so generous, it was filled with candy, heatech stockings and an eyelash curler that I wanted. Look out within the next few days, as i’ll be making a post on what I got.

Also, my apologises for the lack of photos! I was so hungry and couldn’t wait to gobble everything up. I’ll be sure to take more next time.

3 thoughts on “Lunch at Ippudo”

  1. I live in Japan and there is an Ippudo in my neighborhood. If you ever go back, try the tsukemen. It’s ramen with thicker noodles. The noodles are served on the side apart from the soup. You dip the noodles in the soup, so the soup is more condensed and, in my opinion, even better.

    Nice post.

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