Alicia Eats: The Grounds of Alexandria

A great meal to start the day equals a happy day in my eyes. Today was a happy day at The Grounds of Alexandria, a favourite place of mine to chill out and have a good meal. I’ve only eaten lunch here several times now, but never for breakfast. Ultimately, the meal was satisfying and you can see what I ordered below.

The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney is the place to go for anyone really; families, friends and couples. They open from 7am-4pm on Mon-Fri and 7.30am-4pm on Sat-Sun. You have the option of basking in the sun with your take out, allowing you to immerse yourself with its busy surroundings from the different stalls and coffee stand or choose to be seated inside.

The environment is lively, vibrant, cosy and promotes a holistic approach to its setting and food. It combines an organic and industrial aesthetic. While there was a long wait for a table (pretty standard on the weekends), I was able to enjoy some coffee outside with my friends and hung out near the farm animals, Kevin Bacon the pig and his friend Bradley the sheep. 

20140223_095006I highly recommend the rose lemonade, it’s so refreshing!

20140223_095057Get them hot! Fresh donuts being made on the spot.

20140223_095115A cute little stand with lots of yummy pastries.






IMG_1394Since I was there before 12pm, I ordered The Grounds Breakfast Board from the breakfast menu, which had 2 poaches eggs, smoked ham, some feta topped with basil pesto, tomato relish and the Grounds famous sourdough bread. While the banana smoothie was on my mind (excellent by the way), I opted for the crushed apple cider.

P.s if you’re there for lunch, I highly recommend the Chicken Schnitty with a side of chips with chilli mayo!


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