Hazelnut torte

Last night I attended a gathering that was hosted by the same friend who helped me bake the chocolate flourless cake.

I was short on time so I used Jamie Oliver’s Hazelnut torte recipe. It’s not too heavy and as always, very easy to follow. This is a classic Italian treat, which contains hazelnuts and ricotta. I forgot to buy poppy seeds, so I didn’t add them, it’s just as tasty without them.

I placed some hazelnut praline on the top for added aesthetics and an extra element of texture. I followed the same praline recipe that was made in the same post as the chocolate flourless cake, except I used chopped hazelnuts instead of the almond flakes.

IMG_1069In Jamie’s recipe, he uses whole hazelnuts and uses a food processor to make it into hazelnut meal. I just bought hazelnut meal from the supermarket, which makes things quicker and reduces an extra step to follow. 

IMG_1100Orange zest is added to the buttery and eggy mixture.

IMG_1101Egg whites have been folded in and is ready to be placed into a cake tin, lined with baking paper.

IMG_1106 IMG_1131Fresh out of the oven and cooling in its cake tin.


Torte has been cooled and dark chocolate has been grated on top.

IMG_1142Sugar is bubbling away, waiting for caramelisation to occur. Follow instructions found at the bottom of this post.


IMG_1208Leave me any questions and suggestions of what you’d like to see next.

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